Public Invited To Make Benetti’s Anniversary Video

Pack The Plaza for Benetti’s in making a community video to celebrate Joe & Tricia’s 13th Wedding Anniversary. All members of the community are invited to participate in this video greeting card so please pass this along.

Date: October 10th at 12:10pm at the plaza across from Benetti’s Restaurant. Arrive at the plaza across from Benetti’s before 12:10pm; filming will begin promptly at 12:10 and will include sound so please: quiet on set once filming begins; watch Raye for cues if we have a large crowd; Fill the plaza and put a little space around Kevin Mason, the solo vocalist; Kevin Mason will sing, solo and acapella, the 1st verse from “Help From My Friends”. Then fill in and close space around Kevin while the group joins in singing.

Videographer, Vinnie Cavarra will film Kevin singing, close-up and will bring camera back, including the crowd. As he passes you, feel free to wave/flash your sign/throw kisses/let your theatrical freak fly. When Vinnie has included the entire group, watch Raye for the cue for the group to yell: “Happy Anniversary Joe & Tricia – we love you!” Hootin’, hollerin’, dancing and general public display of joy completely allowed and encouraged!. Greet each other and then clear the plaza; back to work for most of us. Filming will move to a balloon and a wall w/artwork.

How to Prepare:
A. Listen to a variation of this song, such as Joe Cocker’s


B. Bring a sign w/a message you wish to flash for Joe & Tricia’s anniversary

C. Send this message to everyone; bring staff, co-workers and friends to share in this memorable gift to a most special couple in our community.

Email or call with any questions and look forward to sharing this experience with you on October 10th at Noon to Pack the Plaza for Benetti’s.

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