Razor Clamming To Close July 15th

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announces that, after a great season, razor clamming will close Tuesday, July 15th, for the annual conservation closure to protect newly-set young clams. Since 1967 the ODFW has closed the 18 miles of beaches north of Tillamook Head to razor clam digging, while young clams establish themselves on the beach during the summer.

“We want to ensure that the Clatsop beaches continue to be productive for razor clam harvesters,” said Matt Hunter, ODFW’s Shellfish and Phytoplankton Project Leader. “By not disturbing the young razor clams it increases the chance of survival.” During the razor clamming harvest closure, ODFW will conduct stock assessments to determine the health of the population, as they have done since 2004 on the Clatsop beaches.

This year the Clatsop beaches had good harvest rates and unusually large clams. The beaches are the most productive razor clam beaches in the state, accounting for more than 90 percent of the total harvest. There are still opportunities to razor clam along the Oregon coast. Cannon Beaches, Cape Meares, Agate Beach, North Jetty, South beach, Bob’s Creek, Bastendorff Beach, North Spit near Coos Bay, Bailey Beach and Myers Creek are some of the most consistent. The beaches with the best opportunity are around Newport.

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