Sailboat turns over in Lakeside

Sailboat Turns Over in LakesidePhoto: Coos County Sheriff’s Office
CCSO: Earlier today at about 12:11 pm, Coos County Sheriff’s Deputies, Lakeside Fire and Rescue, US Coast Guard and Lower Umpqua Ambulance were called to Tenmile Lake in Lakeside to an overturned sailboat.
First reports that came in was that a sailboat had just left the dock at Tenmile County Park, overturned and that 3 people were still trapped inside the cabin area of the boat. It was reported that 2 adult males had gotten out of the boat but that 2 adult females and one infant were still inside the boat.
First responders from Lakeside Fire and then rescue divers from Lakeside Fire responded and by 12:57 had all 3 of the females inside the boat out and to awaiting ambulance.
The operator of the boat, 71 year old Coos Bay resident was checked and released at the scene; the other 4 individuals were transported to Bay Area Hospital by Lower Umpqua Ambulance. Preliminary reports are that the group failed to take on their ballast before launching and when they put up their sail the boat tipped over.
1) Mollenhour, Charles L.; 49 YOA, Independence MO
2) Mollenhour, Shari R.; 47 YOA, Independence MO
3) Mollenhour, Sadie L.; 20 YOA, St. Helens, OR
4) Mollenhour, Maryjane; 2 YOA, St. Helens, OR
5) Steevens, William J.; 71 YOA, Coos Bay, OR


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