Scam Alert For Oregonians Who Are Moving

With so many people moving during the summer months, scammers are exploiting those people who are relocating by offering unnecessary “change of address” services. Third party companies claiming to represent the U.S. Postal Service are offering to help to register a new residential address, resulting in unexpected monthly charges averaging from $17 to $24. Scambook, the online complaint resolution platform, has received over 300 complaints about “change of address” sites from consumers across the country, including in Oregon.

Victims receive an initial processing charge of $1.00, followed by unwarranted monthly charges for additional services they did not knowingly purchase. Many have also experienced difficulty contacting the sites’ customer service departments to cancel the unwanted subscriptions. To avoid doing business with these third-party services during a move, Scambook recommends the following tips:

1. Only use the official United States Postal Service change of address site by visiting

2. Understand that the USPS change of address process requires a $1.00 verification fee, but no monthly charges or subscription services.

3. Read all of the fine print and terms of service very carefully before committing to a transaction to avoid hidden fees.

4. Contact all banking institutions, existing subscriptions and other bill collecting services to inform them of the new address directly.

Please let me know if you would like to speak with Scambook’s Director of Marketing Kase Chong. For more information please visit

This entry was posted on Friday, June 28th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, Public Service Announcements, State News.