SMART World Read Aloud Program Sees Record Participation

About 50 children from the SWOYA Boys and Girls Club in Coos Bay participated in the SMART World Read Aloud Day today. Each of the students were paired with a student club member or community members after they chose a book. World Read Aloud Day happens once a year, however the Oregon Start Making A Reader Program happens throughout the year around the state in over 280 schools and in 30 after school programs. Locally, SMART expanded its weekly program in Title 1 schools to after school programs like the Boys and Girls Club to ensure they are reaching all students who can benefit from the program. The foundation of SMART is reading matters and is a gateway skill that creates a pathway for future success. World Read Aloud Day in Oregon had about 10-thousand participants. Local reading mentors included students from the club’s Teen Program, Coos Bay City Councilors, Coos Bay Fire personnel, teachers and educational program leaders.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 and is filed under Local News.