SOLVE Registration Now Open

Oregonians are needed from across the state to celebrate almost three decades of spring beach cleanups on Saturday, March 22nd from 10am to 1pm. Since 1986, this tradition of twice-yearly beach cleanups has benefited people and wildlife, supporting clean seas and healthy communities for present and future generations. SOLVE encourages volunteers of all ages to join in the effort of clearing the entire Oregon coast of litter and marine debris that has washed ashore from winter storms.

Last spring, more than 4,000 volunteers removed an estimated 54,937 pounds of trash off the coast, including 7,500 pounds of recycled materials. Help continue this tradition by volunteering this year at your favorite coastal area to keep beaches as beautiful as possible.

“Even the smallest bits of trash on our beaches and waterways can be harmful,” said Joy Irby, SOLVE Program Coordinator. Discarded items, like cigarette butts and tiny bits of plastic flow into rivers and streams to the Pacific Ocean where they can be toxic to marine life. “By helping to remove litter, volunteers are taking an active role in minimizing this threat and giving back to Oregon’s beaches,” added Irby.

Registration is now open! Visit to sign up online and view a map of check-in sites, or call SOLVE at 503-844-9571 x317.

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