Telephone Scam In Coos County

The Coos County Sheriff’s office has received numerous reports from citizens regarding suspicious phone calls, They report the calls are coming from a number of 541-2015-****, and the caller claims to be a representative from the Coos County courts. The victim is told that they have missed jury duty and that a warrant will be issued if they do not send money.

During these calls, the caller identifies himself as a Captain, a Sergeant or a Lieutenant from the Coos County Sheriff’s office. The caller reportedly has a southern accent and has advised victims they missed jury duty and that Judge Baron will be issuing a warrant for their arrest. They are instructed to purchase a pre-paid Visa or gift card. The caller says he will call back and get the card number, thus cancelling the warrant.

The Sheriff’s office has logged approximately 14 to 16 victims who have been called by the suspect and at least one victim who has lost money due to this telephone scam. The Coos County Sheriff’s office and Courts are advising citizens that these calls are a scam. Any person receiving suspicious calls from anyone requesting they send money or inquiring about personal information should not respond.

The Sheriff’s office is investigating this matter and has passed this information on to the Department of Justice.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 and is filed under Local News, Public Service Announcements, State News.