Tenmile Creek Steelhead Derby Feb 1st

Anglers, here is your chance to shine as both an angler and a cook! The eighth Annual “Best of the Creek” Tenmile Creek Steelhead Derby will be held Saturday, February 1st. The Derby will be held at the weigh in station at Spinreel Park Boat Ramp from 7am to 4pm with an awards ceremony at 4:15.

There is a first prize of $100.00 plus a rod and reel. Second prize is $50.00 plus a rod and reel. Third prize is $25.00 plus a rod and reel. Entry fee is $15.00 which includes breakfast and lunch. A USFS parking permit is also required. The Derby is sponsored by Ringo’s Lakeside Marina, Lakeside Towing, and Usrey’s Rock Bin.

In conjunction with the Derby, the 3rd Annual Smoked Salmon/Steelhead competition will also be held at Spinreel Park. Each entry must include three fish samples on paper plates and be registered by noon on February 1st. There is a limit of three entries per family with an entry fee of $5.00 per entry. All samples will be assigned a number and then judged by Commissioner Bob Main, Mayor Dean Warner and a representative from Englund Marine. First prize is a $250 food saver, Second prize is a Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, and third prize is a Fillet Knife. The major prize are bragging rights for the coming year. Sponsors for the Smoked Fish competition are Englund Marine, Eel-Tenmile S.T.E.P. and North Country Lures and Flies. For more information, call 541-759-3857.

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