Third Suspect Indicted In Death Of Coos Bay Man

On February 25th, Coos Bay Police received a 911 call that a murder had taken place near Hemlock Avenue in Coos Bay. Behind a warehouse at the corner of North 7th Street and Hemlock Avenue, police found the body of 34-year-old Jesse Nathan Hayes, reportedly a transient with no permanent address. An autopsy revealed that Hayes had suffered multiple blunt force injuries, including broken ribs and strangulation. That afternoon, police arrested 31-year-old Michael Lee Gertson on a charge of Murder. In addition, 46-year-old Jesse Jack Longhenry was also arrested on the same charge. The Coos County Grand Jury met yesterday and indicted Gertson and Longhenry with Murder. In addition, a third person, 48-year-old George Michael Ivanoff, has also been charged with Murder in the death of Hayes. The indictment states the defendants intentionally caused the death of Jesse Hayes; Gertson and Longhenry are scheduled to appear in court on March 5th. The court will be setting a date for the arraignment of Ivanoff.

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