Tree Inspectors Busy For Holiday Season

Oregon Christmas trees are on their way to Asia, Hawaii and Mexico. In the next several weeks, Oregon—-the nation’s leading producer of Christmas trees-—will ship them to most U.S. states and many countries around the world. “It gets hectic over the next month and there can always be weather issues, but the job is great for me” says ODA inspector Christy Brown. “I love seeing Oregon and meeting people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet.”
With as many as 90 percent of Oregon’s 383 licensed Christmas tree growers shipping out of state, ODA inspectors are working seven days a week until mid-December when harvest and shipping finally ends. There is also value placed by the industry on the role of ODA Christmas tree inspectors. So many trees need to be checked and determined free of pests and diseases in such a short time frame.
The tree shortage this year will result in higher prices. Harvest of trees can take up to 10 years after planting. The cyclical supply and demand impact has led to fewer trees being planted in recent years after a previous oversupply of trees. The amount of acreage growing Christmas trees dropped 28 percent, at 41,223 acres compared to 2010 data. That probably means fewer trees heading to export markets this year. Growers often request ODA to identify problems even though there is no requirement for certification of trees that remain in Oregon. Learn more at

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