Updated Information Concerning Mingus Park Explosive Device

PRESS RELEASE COOS BAY POLICE DEPARTMENT: On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 letters were received at The World Newspaper and the City of Coos Bay related to the destructive devices that had been placed at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Mingus Park and the Prayer Chapel in downtown Coos Bay.   In that letter a group who identified themselves as the “Veterans United for Non-religious Memorials” claimed responsibility for the destructive devices and threatened further action if the issue of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is not resolved quickly.


The Coos Bay Police Department, Oregon State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are continuing to pursue numerous leads developed during the investigation.  Additionally, evidence from the devices is currently being analyzed by both the Oregon State Police and the FBI Crime Laboratories.


The City of Coos Bay recognizes that the discussion regarding the placement of the Veteran’s Memorial is an inherently emotional one that evokes passionate discussion.  It is important to remember, however, that those conversations should be responsible and peaceful in nature.  Furthermore, the Coos Bay Police Department cautions members of the public against taking matters into their own hands or inciting a violent response.


Anyone with information regarding the two destructive device incidents mentioned above or the recently received letters claiming responsibility is encouraged to call the Coos Bay Police Department at (541)269-8911 or Coos Stop Crime at (541)267-6666.

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