Waste Water And Street Upgrades Meetings

Coos Bay city leaders are inviting residents to be part of the discussion about how to best pay for wastewater and street upgrades. Two meetings scheduled this week provide opportunities for Coos Bay residents and property owners to join the conversation about this community challenge.

“We must upgrade our waste water treatment capacity, and that means raising sewer fees,” Mayor Crystal Shoji explained. “We also need to invest in our streets because we’ve deferred maintenance for so long. It just gets more expensive if we wait.”

Street and waste water options were outlined in a recent mailer sent to City residents. Shoji said none of the city’s options are attractive because each of them involves substantial cost to residents. In addition to Coos Bay residents, people living in Bunker Hill and Charleston will be affected by sewer rate increases because Coos Bay supplies sewer service to those special districts.

The meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, May 13th at 12 Noon at the Coos Bay Library’s Myrtle Room, and on Wednesday, May 14th, 6pm at the Sunset Middle School Commons Room. Citizens who can’t attend are invited to send written comments to rcraddock@coosbay.org; or City Manager, Coos Bay City Hall, 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

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