Watch A Free Movie At Coos Bay Library

The “Friday Foreign Film” series at the Coos Bay Library continues at 7pm on Friday, 14th. Emerging filmmaker Mushon Salmona uses restless cinematography and non-professional actors to capture the xenophobia and prevalent fears in early-21st Century Jerusalem in VASERMIL (Israel, 2007.)

The racial and economic dynamics of Israeli society get a chilly shakedown in this Israeli Mean Streets, a raw, rough-hewn look at the no-future world of three soccer playing, not-so-neighborly teens. In a working-class neighborhood of southern Israel’s Beer-Sheva, Shlomi works as a pizza delivery boy and tries to avoid his gangster brother but dreams of playing for the town’s professional soccer team. Ethiopian-Israeli Adiel cares for his young brother and sick mother; he’s also got great athletic skills but prefers to play pick-up games with his Ethiopian friends rather than suffer the constant racist comments of his school teammates. Meanwhile, the sullen Dima, a recent Russian immigrant, deals drugs at raves to make ends meet until he’s forced to become a goalie for the school team. When the three find themselves on the same team, their goals become not only about winning but surviving. No ordinary teens-playing-sports-and-overcoming-adversity movie, Vasermil is more concerned with the rhythms of teenage life and speech, and especially in capturing the lack of hope (and overabundance of stupidity, casual racism and societal indifference) that flavors its characters’ lives.

The “Friday Foreign Film” series is usually held on the second Friday of the month and is free to the public. Many of these films are not rated and parental discretion is advised. For more information call 269-1101.

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