Wildfire Smoke Complicates COVID Warning Symptoms

Public Health managers say the current air quality in Coos County and over the state has them concerned. Dr. Eric Gleason says the fires happening throughout the state have caused people to evacuate and that can lead to congregating. It can also affect the lungs. Gleason reminds citizens there is still a global pandemic and inhaling smoke from fires can mimic symptoms of COVID. It can also mask symptoms. He is also concerned that people may get a false sense of security when gathering with friends and family, either through escaping wildfire areas or for family and friend gatherings. Gleason says the county has experienced cases that have been linked to something as simple as a handshake. He cautions people that someone can spread COVID without having symptoms. He urges people to limit social interactions, be selfish about health, practice safe distancing and wear a face covering. If you have concerns, contact CHW COVID Crisis Line at 541-266-6700 or your healthcare provider.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 and is filed under Local News.