Wildfires Update From Curry County Sheriff’s Office

On July 28th, the United States Forest Service advised the Curry County Sheriff’s Office of two wildfires that would impact Curry County. Currently, two fires are being watched with one of the fires partly into Curry County.

The fires are the Labador Fire in Southern Josephine County and the Big Windy in Northern Curry and Josephine. These fires are being worked by type two management teams, one in Cave Junction and the other in Merlin. Due to the rugged terrain and weather, progress is going to be slow and hazardous. The Labador fire is already burning in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness area. The Big Windy has forced the closure of Bear Camp road and the Sheriff’s Office is assisting in that road closure as well as other roads in the Agness area.

Rogue River Ranch and Marial, both of which are in the farthest most reaches of Curry County, have been notified and may have to be evacuated at a later time. The Sheriff’s Office is working with the Forest Service, BLM, and the fire teams in monitoring the raft traffic on the Rogue River. Further information will be released by the respective fire camps at a later time.

This entry was posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, State News.